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Get control over your health quickly and easily.

Vital makes it easy to understand your health and continuously monitor its development. By ordering one of our laboratory packages, you can quickly and easily take a blood test without a doctor’s referral. Afterwards, your health values ​​will be analyzed and presented along with what each individual value means.

This is how it works:

  1. Choose a laboratory package
    Choose one of our pre-made test packages and place your order here on the website. All our tests can be done without a referral from a doctor.
  1. Take your blood sample
    Our tests can be taken at many locations throughout Sweden. Most offer walk-in appointments, and the actual sample collection only takes a few minutes.
  1. View your results
    Within 2-4 business days, you will receive your results in your personal My journal, along with an explanation of what your values mean.

What do the results say?

Your results include, among other things:

  • Your measured value for each test.
  • How your test result compares to reference values* for each test.
  • Information about what each value means, as well as what high or low values may imply. Here on, you will find even more facts and knowledge about the values you have tested.
  • A personal comment from a physician who has reviewed your test results.

*Reference values ​​mean that it is within these values ​​that 95% of healthy individuals with the same biological variation factors (e.g., age and gender) fall. Having a value outside the reference values ​​does not necessarily mean that you are ill, but further investigation may be needed.

What happens next?

The real benefit of keeping track of your health is being able to continuously monitor how your values ​​are developing. Specific values ​​that have been abnormal or that you want to keep an eye on can, for example, be retested 3-6 months later, or you can schedule an annual laboratory test to monitor your personal health development.

Those of you who have already ordered from us will be contacted via email when it is time for a follow-up laboratory test.

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All tests

You can add individual tests to the pre-made laboratory packages or design your own set of tests.

Provtagningsställen blodprov


We collaborate with over 100 accredited laboratories in Sweden, over 70 in Stockholm. See all locations.


Instructions for sample collection 

Preparing for a blood test – instructions before sample collection. It is important to prepare for your blood tests correctly so that the results will be reliable and useful.



This page contains the most frequently asked questions and answers.


Contact us

If you have a question about Vital, we recommend first checking our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer there, you can contact us via chat or by email.

Why Vital?

Your health is in your hands

  • Gives you knowledge and control over your health
  • Track your values as they evolve over time
  • Simple and clear results within a few days
  • No waiting times for referrals from doctors
  • For both individuals and businesses
  • Laboratory packages designed by experienced doctors
  • All results are reviewed by doctors
  • We collaborate with over 100 accredited laboratories in Sweden, over 70 in Stockholm
  • The blood test takes only a few minutes
  • First test results usually available within a few hours



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