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Home / FAQ Items / Why hasn’t my blood sample been analyzed?

The analysis of serum/plasma samples may be disrupted by certain substances, leading to uncertain or incorrect test results. This means that the sample cannot be analyzed as we cannot guarantee accurate results.

Hemolysis occurs when red blood cells rupture, releasing their contents into the serum/plasma. This can disrupt multiple analyses. There are several causes of hemolysis, including improper sample collection and handling.

Lipemia refers to a sample being lipemic, meaning that the fat content in the blood is elevated, and the sample cannot be analyzed accurately.

Icterus means that a sample is icteric, indicating an excess of bilirubin in the tissues, and the sample cannot be analyzed accurately.

If a value cannot be analyzed, we offer either a new sample collection for the specific value or a refund for the value that could not be analyzed.

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